My parallel worlds are meant to reflect my eerie visions. It's like walking down a dim-lit hallway in a freaks' asylum and opening doors to right and left. Each photograph offers a glimpse into an alternative reality where my subjects are doomed to live forever, gaze lost, hopeless. The topics I like to explore deal with punishment, danger, melancholy, experiments, impossibilities, unconventionality, games.

The objects that appear in each photograph are carefully selected and bear hidden meanings yet to be deciphered. I am drawn to the lifelessness of the dolls, their silence and the univers they encompass, as well as to little apothecary bottles, ancient jewellery boxes, mirrors and brushes, old photographs, costumes, bones, teeth and stuffed animals. 

At the present, I explore several stories which will evolve in time, but which are somehow connected through that asylum hallway soaked in gloom. Some rooms might appear less dark than others, some characters happier, but they all have in common a certain theatricality and level of distress.